WATCH: This Justin Bieber Hit Reimagined As An 80’s Song Is So Rad!

Music artists have this talent of bending time through their work. We’ve had mash-ups, modern hits reimagined as jazz songs, and now we’ve been blessed with an 80’s reimagination of the newest hit songs.

Every era has its own distinct sound–one that is always recognizable and will instantly throw you into a sudden trip down memory lane. The nostalgia is real!

If you’ve ever wondered what today’s hits would sound like in the 80’s, you wouldn’t need to use much of your imagination anymore because YouTuber TRONICBOX did an 80’s remix of Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean?


Check it out below:

Doesn’t that just sound like a blast from the past?!

I honestly think that Justin Bieber could be just as big as a hitmaker in the 80’s if he sounded just like that.

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TRONICBOX also has a number of remixes on other huge music artists such as Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, and Katy Perry. You can check out more of his awesome 80’s remixes here.

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