WATCH: This Is How They Make Those Dance Tutorials For “Just Dance”

If you’re into dancing and video games, then you must be familiar with the game Just Dance. It’s that rhythm video game by Ubisoft where you dance to the steps being demonstrated on-screen. Aside from being a really fun past-time thing, it can also be a great way to exercise!

My friends and I usually play this at parties, and while I’m not a dancer at all, I’m usually good with watching my friends play. other times, I get mesmerized with what happens on-screen–where all the tutorials come from. Those dancers on the screen are just so good!

You’ve probably wondered how they do those “tutorials” because I sure have. Fortunately, the official Faceboo page of Just Dance released a behind-the-scenes video as a promotion for Just Dance 2018.

Take a look:

It is absolutely mesmerizing! I’ve always thought that the on-screen tutorials were computer-generated. This video just proves how amazing these dancers truly are!

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Those costumes and the production design are just a huge plus.

I’m pretty sure I won’t look at Just Dance the same way again.

What did you think of that behind-the-scenes video? Share it with us!