WATCH: This guy hilariously attempts to “stop” Mt. Mayon’s ashes using his “super powers”

The activity of the Mayon Volcano recently has gotten a lot of Filipinos in a frenzy. Many people who live near the area of the volcano have been constantly sharing photos and videos of the volcanic activity to raise awareness across the nation.

The current situation of Mt. Mayon and its surrounding areas can cause quite a wide variety of emotions in people. Some people are scared, while others marvel at the majestic show that the volcanic eruption has displayed. A few people, on the other hand, took this opportunity to spread positivity and make others laugh.

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Netizen Gary Banaga succeeded with this when he posted a hilarious video of him and a friend coping with what might be a scary situation for many.

While the sky was slowly getting darker due to the ashes of Mt. Mayon, a man is seen bravely attempting to “push away” the ashes using an electric fan.

Check out the video:

The hilarious video has already been viewed more than 700,000 times and shared more than 12,000 times!

When asked about the video, Gary Banaga shares with that the man in the video was actually quite scared to witness the volcanic activity. So, they decided to make a funny video out of it to help their fellow “Albayanos” cope up with their fear as well.

I, for one, had a smile on my face as I watched this video. Kudos to the men behind it!

And stay safe, everyone!

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