LOOK: Viral Photo of Mt. Mayon’s Ash Shows The Shape of A “Man and Woman” in Loving Embrace

Photos of Mt. Mayon have been going viral for the past few days because of its sudden activity. In this day and age of camera phones and social media, people around the area of the world-famous volcano have been spreading photos of Mt. Mayon–from the first sign of ashes up until lava ran down the perfect cone.

One of these people who caught this majestic scenario on camera is Ciriaco Santiago III, a freelance photographer.

His photo of Mt. Mayon spewing ashes went viral because of the shape that the volcano’s smoke created.

Take a look:

The photo shows Mt. Mayon’s ashes forming an image of a man and woman in an embrace.

People all over social media can’t help but relate the image to the legend of Mt. Mayon which is the tragic love story of Magayon and Panganoron.

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Legend says that Panganoron fought for his love for Magayon until death, and Magayon also took her life to be with her love.

While the volcanic explosion can be quite dangerous for people near the area, it’s also great that Filipinos can still find beauty in the midst of it.

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