WATCH: This Guy Does Harry Potter Character Impressions and Nails Each One!

“Yer a wizard, ‘Arry.”

British actor and young filmmaker Jake Dudman is quite talented in the impressions game. He’s done quite a bit of them, including of some musicals like Les Miserables (in which he was praised by the production), and you can find them all in his YouTube channel. He’s really good at what he does.

His recent viral hit, though? His Harry Potter impressions. In the video, you can see Jake taking on the lines of Hagrid, Snape, Filch, Dumbledore, Dobby, Voldemort, and many more. Oh and Harry, too, of course. And the thing is, he nails. each. one. of. them. If you close your eyes, you’d think you were actually listening to the original films, if it weren’t for the jokes Jake mixes in with the script.

So…are you a Potterhead? Brace yourself. You will enjoy this. Watch below:

Which character impression did you like best? Share your answer in the comments!

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