WATCH: There’s a Reality Show Looking for the Next Hosts of MythBusters


It was a sad day when Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman closed the iconic show MythBusters after 282 episodes in the span of 14 years. Their unique concept of busting myths using science was a hit, and made stars out of the hosts and their colleagues. But that may soon change, as Discovery Channel is bringing the show back with new hosts.

Except… they’re still looking for hosts. And there’s a show called MythBusters: Search where they’re going to search for them.

Watch the trailer below:

In MythBusters: Search, 10 contestants must participate in myth-testing competitions. Like any reality show, a contestant will be eliminated per episode until they find the winner/s. Kyle Hill, the science editor of website Nerdist, will serve as host.

The show will premiere on January 7, 2017.

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