WATCH: There’s a New Local Horror Movie Called “Bloody Crayons” and it Looks Interesting

Bloody Crayons

Last year’s Metro Manila Film Festival’s (MMFF) entry Seklusyon and the recent film Bliss proved how we can create masterful horror and psychological movies. A new local horror film is coming up and we’re hopeful that this can keep up the momentum of the aforementioned films. This one is called Bloody Crayons and the trailer is out now!

Watch the trailer of Bloody Crayons below:

Bloody Crayons is based on a Wattpad story written by Josh Argonza, and follows a group of graduating students who vacation on an island. They play a game of Bloody Crayons, which unleashes a masked killer that picks them off one by one.

The film has quite the cast, with Janella Salvador, Jane Oineza, Maris Racal, Sofia Andres, Yves Flores, Diego Loyzaga, Elmo Magalona, Ronnie Alonte, and Empoy Marquez playing prominent roles.

The film is directed by Topel Lee and will premiere on July 12, 2017.

Are you excited for this? Share your thoughts below!

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