WATCH: “The Coral Song” Video Perfectly Explains Why You Shouldn’t Step on Corals

“I may look like a rock but I’m certainly not. I’m a coral that’s trying to survive,” the song goes.

Tourism has been on the surge the past decade, with even a lot of statistics claiming that people are now spending more on travel than ever. This is certainly evident here in the Philippines, where airline seat sales are a big hit and tour agencies come up more and more with competitive and irresistible travel packages.

But unfortunately, coming hand in hand with this deluge of tourists in many of Philippines’ beautiful tourist locations, is the problem of irresponsible tourism: garbage, noise pollution, and carelessness, to name a few. And in islands and beaches, one of the most common problems is tourists stepping on and touching the corals, which is a big no-no.

To be fair, in instances like this, it seems the problem roots from lack of awareness and not from cold-hearted disregard for environmental care. Which is why, in a post by Reef Check Philippines on Facebook (, they shared this animated video of a great song explaining why you shouldn’t step on corals.

“Please don’t step on corals snorklers and divers. #‎powertoprotectPH‬ Reef Check Philippines wrote.

Watch the educational video here:

“I’m an animal. I’m a living thing. Can’t you see the beauty and the joy that I bring? Oh please, don’t step on me.”

What are other ways we can protect the corals and marine life?
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