WATCH: The Conjuring 2’s Valak Goes on a School Tour

For those who have seen The Conjuring 2, Valak might have caused you unwanted nightmares but for some creative students of o LPU and DLSU, they turned the horror icon into a funny one!

I personally haven’t seen The Conjuring 2 yet.

I’m sure I’d remember these videos once I see the actual film.

Well, hopefully I will. I’d rather remember these versions of Valak than the one on the movie. Lol!

Nonetheless, these students created a parody of the demon in The Conjuring 2 and both had me cracking up!

I’m super loving the wittiness behind it.

Basta may alak, may… Valak.

Here’s the DLSU version by Lin Javier:

Here’s the LPU version by Tanghalang Batingaw:

I love it! Did these videos take the horrifying mental images of Valak away?