WATCH: TALA GIL Collaborates with Taiwanese R&B Singer-Songwriter Jinbo for “Over the Sea”

Over the Sea Jinbo Tala Gil

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Taiwanese R&B singer-songwriter Jinbo has shared the irresistible track “Over The Sea,” his collaboration with artist Tala Gil.

The reflective and sweet track paints a picture of what it’s like to be in a long-distance relationship. Indeed, there are numerous reasons to feel anxious and frustrated since you can’t wait to see your significant other again since he or she is “over the sea.” You miss each other; and the distance, time difference, and sleepless nights make your heart grow fonder and cling to the person you need the most. Nevertheless, you continue the trust and patience with one another because you’re both in love.

Watch the music video below:

This collaboration is two years in the making. The two artists’ connection formally began in September 2020 when Jinbo messaged Tala after discovering her music on Spotify. He was impressed with Tala’s tunes, even calling her music amazing. He took a leap of faith and turned his collaboration dreams with the “nothing personal” singer into a reality.

The way these two artists blend on this track is fresh because of their stylistic influences. They hope that the new-to-me indie-pop/R&B vibe of “Over The Sea” can give listeners comfort and delight as they listen to it, especially if they can relate to its meaning.



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