WATCH: Student Sings “Problem” by Ariana Grande and Owns It

When our friends start to sing and rain follows shortly after, we often tease and blame their singing for the weather.

In this video uploaded by Marielle Fong Guiñez on Facebook, though, I think none of her friends and classmates would blame her for the rain.

Whoa! That high note, though! Check out Marielle’s full post of her friend Aila (the one singing) here.

I’m a frustrated singer and even the low notes sound awkward and off when they come from my vocal cords. I could only imagine how it would sound like if I attempted to sing Problem by Ariana Grande, or any Ariana Grande song for that matter.

Kudos to you, Aila! Such an amazing voice you have!

How did you find this short yet awesome fun cover of Ariana Grande’s song? 

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