WATCH: Solenn Heussaff Finally Gets Revenge, Plays the Best Prank on Nico Bolzico

Solenn Heussaff finally got her revenge on her prankster of a husband, Nico Bolzico, and played the best prank on him to teach him a lesson.


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In an Instagram TV post, Nico shared a video that Solenn took at their own home where she pretended that her water broke. Alerting Nico, Solenn made him run around the bedrooms to gather everything they would need for the hospital in preparation for the baby’s arrival. Much to Solenn’s frustration, her panicked husband took so long to put together the emergency bag and didn’t even put in the stuff they’d really need. He wouldn’t even let her change her clothes!

Solenn then broke into laughter and told Nico it was all just a joke. “It’s payback time, motherf***er!” she said, taunting him for all the times he pranked her throughout their years as a married couple.

She also berated him for not being alert and getting the wrong things even though she already had them prepped in one bag. “You’re not prepared, obviously. You’re not prepared,” she told him.

Nico posted the video on his Instagram and wrote on the caption: “Payback Time from #Wifezilla. I knew that one day Solenn was going to get her revenge for all the times I pranked her, but I never expected to be today, in our 37th week of pregnancy, our actual due date!”

“I should be upset but instead I am proud! Well [played] my Padawan!” he continued. “Lesson learned: I am completely useless on times of emergency! Getting more prepared for when the actual day comes. good boot camp training!”

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Solenn and Nico are expecting their first child soon. They announced their pregnancy in August 2019. They’ve been married for nearly three years.

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