WATCH: Nina Dobrev, Elen Page, and Diego Luna Experiment on Death in ‘Flatliners’

“What happens to us after we die? The only way to find out is to see for ourselves.”

It’s probably crossing the line to play, or in this case experiment, with death, but I guess some people like to live on the edge. Such is the story for Nina Dobrev, Elen Page, and Diego Luna who play the role medical students in upcoming film Flatliners.

The science fiction psychological film is about a group of medical students who figured out a way to induce death and then revive from it. they wanted to see what’s on “the other side”. The experiment ran smoothly at first, but it wasn’t long before things started turning dark.

Watch the trailer here:

Flatliners is a sequel the 1990 film of the same title, which starred Keifer Sutherland, Julia Roberts, and Kevin Bacon. Flatliners will come out in theaters on September 2017.

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