WATCH: The New ‘Beauty and the Beast Trailer’ is Beautifully Nostalgic

Disney always knows how to get it right. They did well in the first trailer of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (watch it here!), but they’ve still manage to outdo that with the new trailer of the upcoming movie.

It begins with a dark and ominous Disney castle with the oh-so-familiar music from the beginning of the Disney version of the movie. It is snowing. We see the silhouette of the Beast hovering over his rose. We see the clawed apart portrait of his family on the wall. We see Belle riding Philippe in the snow. We see Maurice picking flowers and the Beast’s shadow looming over him.

We see Belle entering the castle (!!!) as she shouts ‘Papa’ with Lumiere’s back facing the cameras, and we see her find Maurice locked up in a dungeon. We see Beast find Belle in the dungeon and him speaking to Lumiere and Cogsworth about it, and we see them in all of their animated glory as they free Belle from her cell. We even see Mrs. Potts and Chip, as well as Belle’s battle with the wolves, Gaston’s cry to ‘kill the Beast’, and their ballroom dance with Belle in her yellow dress!

And all of this while the same oh-so-familiar songs from the Disney movie play in the background. It is beautifully dark and amazingly so. Watch it yourself and see what I mean:


I think the most beautiful part about all of this is the fact that they stayed true to the script in the Disney movie. I still know the words by heart and this trailer just made me feel incredibly nostalgic. I. Cannot. Wait. To. See. This.

Who else is excited for this? 😀