WATCH: Never Watched Game of Thrones? Let Samuel L. Jackson Explain the Show To You

I am one of those really huge Game of Thrones fans, so why there is still a small population of people in this world who don’t watch the show, I’ll never understand. Because, I dare say it: Game of Thrones may possible be the best darn TV show humanity has ever been blessed with.

I won’t try to convince you, but not because I think my efforts would be futile. Come on. It would be easy. I won’t try to convince you because I’d rather you get that from none other than the big man boss Nick Fury himselfyup, Samuel L. Jackson.

Nope, Samuel L. Jackson has got nothing whatsoever to do with the show. Sorry to disappoint you, but no, he is not in Game of Thrones. But in this Beginner’s Guide video released by Game of Thrones, he does a pretty amazing job giving you a rundown of the show. It’s straightforward, intense (expect a lot of vulgar language!), and, above all, downright hilarious.

Ahh, go ahead. Just watch it for yourself and tell me it doesn’t interest you. 😉

Thanks Samuel L. Jackson! This video is a blessing.

Loved the video? What did you think of Samuel L. Jackson’s narration? Take it to the comments! 🙂

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