WATCH: Netizens share the BIGGEST LIE their exes told them!

Marupok ka ba? Admit it, we tend to be gullible at some point in our lives especially when we were young and some people are just capable of taking advantage of our weaknesses and manipulate us. We hear people say that “love is a gamble” so we feel like it’s okay to take the risk for the ones we love but next time, ask yourselves this question – mahal mo nga, pero mahal ka ba?

Kidding aside tho, I don’t see anything wrong with giving your everything to your significant other. Still, guard your heart no matter what. Love yourself, too, enough to know when it’s time to walk away before you find yourself caught in their web of lies. We choose to believe what our partners tell us when we’re blinded by love but how true are they, really?

We asked our readers about the biggest lies they have ever heard from their exes and their responses are surprising! Watch this video to find the common lies people say to their exes. Of course, these are based on real-life events.


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