WATCH: Netizen Shares Video of an Alleged Illegal Towing Incident in BGC

Another concerned Netizen shared a video of an alleged illegal towing incident along the Fort Strip in BGC yesterday. According to the owner of the video, he was inside a veterinary clinic when the incident happened. He also shared that the tow truck relentlessly took the motorcycle that unloaded delivery goods for about 5 minutes or so.

Netizen Shares Video of an Alleged Illegal Towing Incident in BGC

According to Jay, owner of the video, the rider was “less than 5-8 meters” away from the moped (MOH-ped) and didn’t even park it for long. Also, he shared that based on his knowledge, these towing companies have a protocol to follow such as honking for a couple of minutes as a warning sign to the vehicle owner. If no response, they can legally tow the vehicle.

Furthermore, Jay asked: “Bakit yung mga nakaparada dito, di ninyo pinapakilamanan?” (Why aren’t you towing these parked vehicles?)

Meanwhile, here’s the full caption to his video available in Facebook and if you go to

so this happened awhile ago sa BGC near Burgos Circle. Nag park yung motorcycle delivery boy for awhile to deliver stuff sa grocery. then tow truck parked and tried na lang bigla na isakay yung motor with out warning. Just like a car napping syndicate
As far as I know there are protocols bago tow ang isang sasakyan. tow truck must honk its horn a couple of times and pag wala yung owner they can tow the said vehicle. pero dito walang busina kahit isa.
Saw the towing boys and the driver ng motor na nag aagawan sila sa motor so I went out to take video kasi alam ko mali ginagawa ng mga to. after a few seconds na nag video ako the guy in baseball cap reacted and charged me and threatened me. naturally I put up my fist and ready to protect myself. tinago ko cellphone ko but hindi ko talaga ni off ang pag record para kahit pano may evidence pa.
May mali towing company kasi they reacted noong capture ko sila sa video. kung nasa tama sila hindi mag rereact yung isang yun ng ganon.
do note sa harap and likod ng motor meron naka park na car and van but they didn’t bother towing or warning the them ha.

edit: the guy in basecall cap chaged at me at least twice and everytime I put up my fist to defend myself he backs away….

Watch the video here:

What are the proper towing procedures in the Philippines?

If you’re a follower of the TV series, South Beach Tow, you’d probably be scared as they are tougher and straightforward with the procedure. They are transparent and only give you two options: (1) $150 on the spot or (2) $250 if you claim it at the tow yard. No more, no less.

So, for the benefit of everyone, let me share the information about towing procedures in the Philippines. According to the Philippine Star that indicated MMDA Resolution No. 02-33 dated August 29, 2002 named: Approving and Adopting the Revised MMDA Guidelines for Towing and Impounding Operations in Metro Manila.”

It says there that “stalled” and illegally parked vehicles” are to be towed and impounded accordingly. And by “stalled” they mean any motor vehicle and/or their attachment, which for any cause, is unable to proceed under its own motive power and is on a public road, street or thoroughfare and dilapidated/junked vehicle in Metro Manila. While “Illegally parked vehicles” is defined as vehicles parked in prohibited areas by law or city ordinances designated by the MMDA and other Local Government Units or LGUs.

Furthermore, the resolution stated the following points:

  • The towing company should be listed as legal and registered with MMDA annually
  • MMDA, on the other hand, will issue numbered stickers to tow trucks
  • The towing company or agency shall be held responsible for losses/damages incurred while towing the vehicle/s.
  • Attended illegally parked vehicles shall not be towed but the driver shall be immediately issued a TVR
  • Unattended illegally parked vehicle shall be towed and issued a TVR immediately upon arrival at the impounding area
  • Flat-tired vehicle must be moved to the emergency lane on its own, if not, it will be towed. In either case, TVR will be issued.
  • Changing of flat tires on the roadway is not allowed.
  • Stalled or illegally parked vehicle as a result of an empty fuel tank, may be towed to the nearest gasoline station, however, the towing fee should be paid to the tow truck in accordance with the number of kilometers from the point of origin to the gasoline station and a TVR shall be issued to the driver.
  • “Illegally parked vehicles that are already clamped to the tow truck shall not be subject for intercession by the owner of the vehicle or by the representatives of the company’s two truck.
  • If the vehicle is unattended, the tow truck driver shall blow the truck’s horn five (5) times twice in a row with a space of 1 minute in between. If the owner does not respond, the vehicle shall be towed.  – Apparently, as confirmed by the owner of the video, the tow truck didn’t give any warning signal to the rider. 
  • If the tow truck has no authority to operate, towing service in Metro Manila, the towing incident shall be considered an unlawful or illegal act, and the tow truck operator shall be charged for colorum operation. The traffic enforcer shall issue a TVR to the tow truck operator through the driver for such violation and shall impound said tow truck.

Additionally,  the video owner also said that he was already victimized by dubious tow trucks in Manila.

I am not familiar with the parking rule or traffic laws in BGC, but from what I remember, there are designated unloading and loading areas and have strict road implementations as well. We weren’t allowed to park nor wait even for just 5 minutes.

Have you experienced something like this? Please share your experiences (if you have any) in the comment section below.