WATCH: Nate Alcasid Definitely Got His Parents’ Amazing Singing Voice And Here’s Proof

When two of the greatest singers in the local music industry got married 7 years ago, many agreed that Regine Velasquez and Ogie Alcasid was a match made in heaven.

And what else did people think? That their child will probably grow up to be an amazing singer just like his parents. Well, it seems that we don’t have to wait that much longer to confirm this.

Both Regine and Ogie posted videos of their 5-year old firstborn, Nate Alcasid, singing along with Asia’s Songbird.

And yes, he sings amazingly.

My baby singing 😊 #natesionary @ogiealcasid #nateadventures @mommy_de @louieocampo

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This first video was posted a few months ago, where we were first given a chance to hear Nate’s singing as he sang along with his mom during what seemed like a recording.


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Ogie Alcasid then confirmed the boy’s talent with another video posted a few days ago.

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Nate sings like an angel! He hit those high notes effortlessly. Plus, I thought it was cute how he clung onto his mother’s hand as they sang together.

I’m looking forward to hearing his own record very soon.

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