WATCH: This Music Video is for Everyone Who Suffers from Hair Loss

“I may have lost my hair but I, I’m gonna win this fight…”

The journey of losing one’s hair can become very disheartening to most people. It causes a huge hurdle or halt in their lives as they begin questioning their worth, identity, capabilities, and acceptance in society.

For Alopecia Awareness month, Abby Asistio and Julianne wanted to show the world that though hair might be important, we are ‘more than our hair’ and are not defined by it. Your hair might fall, but you can still choose to grow stronger and shine from within in spite of it.

Are you suffering from alopecia, cancer, or any other condition or circumstance that may bring about baldness or hair loss? If so, then this song is for you:


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Abby says that she hopes this song and video touch and inspire you. “May it reach the hearts and minds of those who need to be encouraged and empowered by its message.”