WATCH: When mom finds out you can win MILLIONS playing video games!

At the recent The International 2019 championship, the contest for DotA 2 professional gamers worldwide, the grand champions OG took home $15.5 million (roughly 800 million pesos). This brought Filipinos back to days when their moms would scold them for spending sleepless nights in front of their computers playing the game. This was usually accompanied with motherly yelling at the slightest inconvenience in the form of “KAKA-COMPUTER MO ‘YAN!!!

READ: OG is Grand Champion of The International 2019

Can you imagine how our Pinoy moms would’ve reacted if those headlines came out back in the day? Well, we do have a hunch… and there’s no better way to show it than through a skit. Watch this:

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What would you do if you won Php800 million from playing video games?

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