WATCH: Moira dela Torre’s Version of “Baby Shark” Actually Had Us In Tears

It all started with a joke; with a tweet saying that singer Moira dela Torre could sing “Baby Shark” by PINKFONG and still make us cry. Moira has been known for her soothing voice that can easily cause a flood of tears for anyone who’s listening.

This tweet went viral a few days ago, and the “Malaya” singer actually noticed it and even replied! She teased fans about it, saying that if “Titibo-Tibo,” a song she interpreted for this year’s Himig Handog, wins the competition, she’ll do a cover of “Baby Shark”.

Guess what, “Titibo-Tibo” was named the winner of Himig Handog 2017. And of course, fans were excited to see Moira’s rendition of “Baby Shark”. Let me tell you, she did not disappoint.

Check it out below:

She even made herself cry!

In the caption, she shares that her boyfriend, Jason, mentioned her grandmother who would’ve celebrated her victory alongside her. And so when she sang “lola shark”, she couldn’t help but feel the sadness of not having her lola beside her now.

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No, we’re not crying! You’re crying! We’re just sweating through our eyes. (Tbh, I’d have this version of “Baby Shark” on repeat for days.)

What did you think of Moira’s “Baby Shark” cover? Share it with us!

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