WATCH: Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Year-End Video is a Touching Tribute to Humanity

2016 has been a year of many ups, but a tremendous many downs as well. It’s as if the essence of humanity was put to test through many events this year, and we sadly failed each other too many a times. From terrorism, global political fiascoes, racism and bigotry, and endless war to name just a few, 2016 was indeed challenging. And so many lives were taken this year, many in the battlefield.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, in his year-end video, remembered all those lost lives. But much more than that, he made a calla call to be better, kinder, more loving, as one humanity. He narrates in the video: “The answers are not simple, but if there are answers, we think we have a better chance at finding themtogether.”

The result is a tear-jerking short film that looks back on the years biggest ups and down, while instilling hope for the year to come.


Zuckerberg writes:

Every year we share a video with some of the biggest moments on Facebook that year. 2016 was a difficult year for a lot of people around the world. But what gives me hope is that even our darkest moments were a little brighter because of the connections we shared with each other. As we head into 2017, I believe more than ever in the power of this community — to teach us, to console us, to celebrate with us, to open our minds and to help us move forward together. Here’s to a healthy and happy 2017!

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