WATCH: Maja Salvador Teases Joshua Garcia and Janella Salvador During ‘The Killer Bride’ Finale Party

JoshNella fans have Maja Salvador to thank for the kilig moments that happened during The Killer Bride’s finale viewing and party, during which she teased her costars Joshua Garcia and Janella Salvador nonstop.

It can be seen in the video posted by ABS-CBN on Facebook how Maja teased Janella during the scene of her onscreen kiss with Joshua and Janella, in turn, grew red and hid her face.

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Later that evening, Maja was caught on an Instagram live expressing pride for Janella who was singing on stage for the audience. “That’s my Emma!” she gushed. Then, she turned the camera to face Joshua and asked, “That’s your Emma? Or your baby?”

Joshua, smiling, said: “That’s my baby.”

But it didn’t end there! Maja even pushed Joshua to sing “Umuwi Ka Na Baby” to Janella and dragged him to go onstage.

She was also caught joking, “Ma-uunfollow ako nito! (I might be unfollowed for this!)” but didn’t drop any name as to who she was referring to.

However, news has been circulating that Julia Barretto, Joshua’s former girlfriend, unfollowed him and Janella on Instagram. It is not made clear why she did so.

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Although it’s not confirmed whether Joshua and Janella are actually romantically involved in real life, Joshua has been posting sweet photos with his onscreen partner on his social media.

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On the other hand, Janella is currently romantically linked with Markus Paterson.

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