WATCH: Let’s Help This Young Filipino Violinist Reach His Dreams

Roi Aldric Trawon is a young Filipino violinist who found his true calling in music.

At age 16, he was diagnosed with epilepsy yet he didn’t let this get in the way of his dreams. In fact, back in March 2016, he won the VSA (Very Special Arts) International Young Soloist Award!

Throughout his journey, he got to perform at the Kennedy Center of the Performing Arts with 4 other musicians with disabilities and he had the privilege to travel to the Austrian Alps to perform with other great musicians.

Know more about him through this video:

Because of his notable achievements, the Cleveland Institute of Music offered him a scholarship worth $26,000! There’s a remaining amount of $15,000 but with the help of kind hearts, we’re sure Roi would be able to reach his dreams.

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Let’s support Roi! What are your messages for him?