WATCH: Lee Dong-wook and Wi Ha-jun Star in “Bad and Crazy”

iQiyi is set to close 2021 on a high with its latest heavyweight Original K-series Bad and Crazy from the production team behind The Uncanny Counter starring Lee Dong-wook and Wi Ha-jun.

Today, its first 15-second concept teaser has been released, giving us an action-packed sneak peek into Ha-jun riding a motorcycle at high speed through streets and down the stairs, with Dong-wook riding pillion. Look forward to the intense contrasting personalities and ‘bromance’ chemistry in this series set to premiere this December across 191 territories, exclusively on iQiyi.

In Bad and Crazy, Dong-wook plays Ryu Su-yeol, a corrupt cop driven only by career advancement. The teaser opens with Lee sprinting at speed, then punching someone hard, before he suffers a heavy blow himself – bare-chested. With his arms open, he is then seen looking up into the rain and relishing it, bringing to mind the iconic scene from the film The Shawshank Redemption. His segment closes with a smile that brings goosebumps, echoing his character personality that alternates between good and evil.

In his first series after shooting to international fame in Squid Game, Ha-jun plays ‘K’, who fights society’s injustice with his fists. On a speeding bike with a helmet on and clad in a red and black leather riding suit, he is seen assaulting someone dressed in a green sweatsuit – in a somewhat familiar scene. On a motorcycle, he rides and brakes in style, and even shatters a car’s side window with a wheelie. With an uppercut to someone’s jaw, before removing his helmet to reveal his grin, viewers can feel the insanity that flows through his ‘K’.

Watch the teaser trailer here:


Bad and Crazy will weave together many themes including action, dark comedy, suspense, and crime for a satisfying and exciting series of vengeance in an insane society. The iQiyi Original series is by the production team behind The Uncanny Counter, together with the CG effects team responsible for Korean film Seobok and series Guardian: The Lonely and Great God. With film-like production values, Bad and Crazy is set to thrill viewers on a wild, entertaining ride.

Bad and Crazy is a heroic drama that follows capable but bad cop Ryu Su Yeol recovering his humanity after meeting the righteous but crazy ‘K’. The iQiyi Original K-series is set to premiere on December 17 with new episodes simulcasting with Korea on Fridays and Saturdays at 9:50pm across 191 territories on iQiyi.

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