WATCH: Lang Leav Will Collaborate with Star Cinema!

WATCH Lang Leav Will Collaborate with Star Cinema!

Those who have suffered heartbreak may be familiar with Lang Leav, a writer whose hugots have gone viral online. Leav has a way of capturing our deepest emotions, the ones that we deny until we read her and think of the one that got away. Well, those heartbroken fans will have something to look forward to as their favorite writer is collaborating with Star Cinema!

The news was announced on Star Cinema’s Facebook page via a video, captioned with: “Exciting collaboration project. x @langleav x @claraquiambao of @ohteenquotes ‪#‎SOON ‬‪#‎AllAboutLove‬ ‪#‎ChooseLove‬

It wasn’t mentioned if it’s going to be a movie or a TV show, or what the title will be (we’re betting on Choose Love). Leav will be joined by Clara Quiambao’s Oh Teen Quotes, a Twitter account that posts quotes about relationships.

Watch the Star Cinema video below:


What do you think this will be about? Who do you think will star? Share your thoughts below!

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