WATCH: Jung Hae-in and Han Ho-yeol Star in the Action-Packed “D.P.”

Have you missed seeing Jung Hae-in kick butt? Well, it looks like we’ll be seeing him in action once again in the upcoming Netflix series D.P. D.P. centers on Deserter Pursuit Unit members An Jun-ho (Jung Hae-in) and Han Ho-yeol (Koo Kyo-hwan) as they come across different stories while tracking down fellow soldiers who have deserted their posts.

DP Jung Hae in

Although they may look like civilians in the poster, Hae-in and Ho-yeol are actually soldiers who are allowed to wear regular clothing and grow their hair while traveling throughout the country and going after military deserters. Operating much like detectives, they work in pairs as they trace the whereabouts of the deserters.

Investigating, snooping around for information, and doing stake-outs are all in a day’s work. Private An Jun-ho is a new addition to the team and is still rigid due to military discipline. He works with Corporal Han Ho-yeol who has more experience and is pretty nonchalant as a result. Having completely different personalities whilst standing in between the boundary of the military and civilian society, you can look forward to their team chemistry as they face the individual stories of the deserters.

In the trailer, we get a closer look at Jun-ho and Ho-yeol in action while pursuing the deserters. Watch it here:

The diverse stories of the deserters that Jun-ho and Ho-yeol come across and the weight of their missions will pierce our hearts and minds when D.P. premieres exclusively on Netflix on August 27, 2021.