WATCH: John Legend’s Newest Music Video Featuring Immigration and Deportation Is What We All Need To See

John Legend has been known for his amazing songs that always hit the right spot in our hearts. His melodies and lyrics always seem to say the exact right things. But apparently, even his music videos can speak just as loud as his songs.

He just released the music video for his song, “Surefire,” and it was quick to go viral over the internet because of its content.

The video features an interracial couple who faces the struggles of immigration, family issues, and prejudice.

Check it out below:

The music video shows a Muslim woman and a Mexican man in a love that knows no borders.

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Fans were quick to commend both John Legend and the director of the video, Cole Wiley. Many were generally glad to see a Muslim woman on the fore-front of the music video. Others couldn’t help but celebrate the love and acceptance that was shown in the video despite differences in race, religion, and beliefs.

I think it’s a really timely message especially with all the issues we’ve been struggling with around the world.

John Legend really knows how to inspire people with his music.

What did you think of the Surefire music video? Share it with us!

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