WATCH: JM de Guzman Shares A Sneak Peek Of His Original Song And We Can’t Wait For More!

JM de Guzman is one of the few celebrities who has been quite on the down low lately.

The actor is known for roles in local TV shows and for being quite a favorite in the indie film circle. His best-known role to date is probably his part as a leading man in the indie film That Thing Called Tadhana.

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JM has had many opportunities to display his acting chops, but not so much his astounding skill in music. One of his greatest platforms for his music recently is on Instagram.

While on hiatus from showbiz, the actor has turned to social media to share his music. He has been posting covers of various hit songs from artists like Jason Mraz and John Legend. But recently, he was able to surprise fans with a song of his own.

He posted a short snippet of his original song on Instagram:

'Ain't a Bad Man' #newsongofmine ????????????

A post shared by Juan Miguel de Guzman (@1migueldeguzman) on

The song’s title is ‘Ain’t A Bad Man’. Based on the short snippet shared to the public, it’s a very personal and emotional song which makes it all the more beautiful.

And wow, JM is a crooner. That voice is enough to make a million girls swoon.

The actor-singer has had two albums so far, but with such talent, he deserves more opportunities to share his music to the public. Maybe when he comes back to the entertainment industry, we’ll hear more of his originals.

For now, we’ll make do with listening to his music on Instagram.

What did you think of JM de Guzman’s original song? Share it with us below!

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