WATCH: Jennifer Lopez Tells Everyone to “Never Give Up”

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has shared a video message that will surely motivate and inspire everyone.

The 48-year-old mother of two first tried out acting in a low-budget film in 1986, but it was in 1991 when she officially started her career in show business as a backup dancer. She then worked her way up until she became a global star who acts, sings, and dances amazingly.

The video, which she captioned with “Never. Give. Up!” with hashtags “dreams do come true, work hard, be consistent, and message of the day,” encourage everyone to “work hard and make things happen.”

Watch the motivational video below:

Below is the full transcription of the singer’s encouraging message:

To all the people who told me I wasn’t gonna act, or sing or dance, or I wasn’t good at it or I should stop or I should quit — or even after I became famous — I think, you know, I would be locked in a house somewhere doing nothing. The truth is nobody knows what’s inside you. Only you know what you can accomplish and what you’re capable of, and what your gut and your dreams and your desires and your wants and your ability, you only know. Nobody else knows.

All of it is a mindset. All of it is about being consistent and doing the right things. Honestly, we all have the capacity. We all have it in us — the ability to do whatever it is we want to do. Work hard and you can make anything happen.

The Latina singer is currently busy promoting her newly released single “Us” that she did with Skrillex.

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