WATCH: ‘Inferno’ in Mandaluyong

On the night of November 13, we saw fire trucks and ambulances whizz past us in traffic at full speed around the Pasig area. It was only later that night through the live feed of Facebook user, Wup Garapal, who used a drone to shoot an aerial view of the incident, that it was clear there was a massive fire in Mandaluyong City, particularly in Block 35 of Welfareville, Brgy. Addition Hills.

According to media reports, the fire broke out past 7:30 PM and blazed through more than 500 homes, leaving an estimated 6,000 people homeless, and three dead.

The fire was finally put out at 3:24 AM.


Let’s help those affected with donations if needed. Were you able to see the fire online or live last night?