WATCH: Graduating Student’s Video of LRT 1 Malfunctioned Door Goes Viral!

On his way home yesterday, March 10, James, together with his friends, described their LRT (Light Railway Transit) experience, similar to riding those crazy rides at Star City, an amusement park in the Philippines.

student dangerous ride lrt

“Ano to! Star City lang ang peg, ganun! wrote James on his Facebook post.  According to him, they already noticed that the train had already started moving despite it being opened. They were at Central Station heading towards Baclaran station when the funny, yet dangerous incident happened.

Unfortunately, even after calling the security officer’s attention, they were told to just “hold on tight.”

Here’s his full caption to his video posted on Facebook:

Guys!! Share natin to hanggang maka-abot sa Management ng LRT!
March 10, 2016 around 6 pm. Sumakay kami ng friend ko sa LRT1 from Central Station. Napansin namin na hindi nag-close ang door pero tumatakbo na, nagulat nalang kami nung sinabi ni manong guard na kumapit nalang kami ng mabuti, ano to! Star City lang ang peg, ganun! At first di ko naisipang i-video kasi sobrang kabado talaga ako! Pero, in fairness ahh! nag-enjoy kami! i know na sobrang delikado talaga sya, pero no choice na kami at that moment kasi nakaandar na sya ng matulin! best part is, sumakay kami ng puno na ang tren, pero nung nalaman na bukas ang door habang tumatakbo, biglang lumuwag nalang,,, haha. takot nalang namin lahat na mahulog noh, knowing na GRADUATING KAMI! ganun! Well, thanks God, buhay pa kami now at safe!!! HUY! KAYONG MGA STAFF SA LRT1, UMAYOS-AYOS KAYO HAH!

p.s. alam na nilang di nagsasara ang door, pero di nagtapos sa U.N. station ang lahat dahil may part 2 pa ang ride, upload ko nalang later. May foreigners akong kasama that time 🙂

hi Danelle!! nag- enjoy ka ba sa mala-Star City ride natin!
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Surprisingly enough, the video below is just the part 1 of his “mala-Star City” ride.

Video credit to James Cubelo

But, wait, there’s more! James uploaded another video and jokingly said: “For the second time around. Welcome to Star City!”

Video Credits to James Cubelo

When I asked him: Did the management or security guard say sorry for being inefficient and putting their passengers’ lives in danger? James told When In Manila “wala po, dumaan ng 2 stations pero walang nangumusta o nagtanong kung ok man lang ba kami. Pero, at least, di ba, safe kaming lahat.” (No one. We passed two stations and none of them asked about our sorry situation).

Truthfully, Filipinos are known to be the happiest people on earth. We always make fun out of anything, regardless. For James, a Fine Arts graduating student, putting humor to an extremely disappointing situation was the best thing to do.

He was probably thinking, how did LRT Management allow the train to run despite the malfunctioned door?

Although he was already sweating and nervous, he still managed to laugh and thankful they are safe and ready to attend their graduation this year!

Well, James, we both have the same question. I think the LRT Management/Officials have a lot of explaining to do.

What could you have done to better the situation? Share your thoughts below.

*Videos uploaded and used in this content are owned by James Cubelo. He gave us permission to upload them on our YouTube Account.*

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