WATCH: Girl Finds Mouse in Coffee, Blames Coffee Shop

This particular story is currently all over the Internet, and it really isn’t any wonder why. After all, the coffee shop in question is a go-to coffee shop of a lot of people of different ages and walks of life. I’ll admit: when I first saw the headline on the news, I freaked out and immediately watched the TV Patrol video myself to get the full story:

According to the video, a girl named Jessa found a mouse in her coffee after hanging out at the coffee shop with her friends. Jessa had already drunk half of her coffee and left when she found the mouse and is currently asking for an investigation on the branch where they were hanging out.

Being an avid coffee drinker (not just of this coffee shop, but of many others), I find this a little hard to believe, though, as the incident poses a lot of questions.

coffee shop mouse

For starters, I have personally never had any issues with the cleanliness of this particular coffee shop.

Second of all, she left the coffee shop with her drink, which means the mouse could have gotten in after she had left. Also, if the mouse was in there all that time, how could she not feel it with her straw if she already drank it halfway?

Aside from that, the coffee shop prepares the drinks right in front of their customers. As Janessa H. points out: “How is the barista not going to see, or feel the weight of the paper cup they grab to fill with your drink? Not to mention, aren’t they upside down and stacked? I seriously doubt a whole dead mouse could squeeze through the coffee filter or the hole in a bottle of syrup, so it would have to be the cup and that’s just not possible, either.

Some people are currently freaking out and condemning the coffee shop for not taking better care of their facilities and their customers, but I truly believe that they deserve the benefit of the doubt. No, When in Manila is not sponsored by the coffee shop. I just personally feel very strongly about this because there are so many other factors that should still be considered before everybody jumps to conclusions.

What are your thoughts on this?

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