WATCH: This Girl Has Been Bitten By the Asian Telenovela Bug

Telenovelas have always been huge things, especially Asian ones. I remember my Lola was obsessed with Koreanovelas back in the day and to this day, my Timeline is always filled with people gushing over the latest Asian series. I could never relate, but I have watched a episodes few here and there.

Myrna Lastima is one momĀ who has fully accepted her daughter’s obsession with these telenovelas. As a caption to one video she took, she says, “Kinain na ng sistema ng Thailand Japan Ug Korea akong anak”. In the video, we see her daughter mimic the accents of Thai, Japanese and Korean actresses as seen in these shows. She’s actually really good! Check it out:

Do you know anyone obsessed with Asianovelas? šŸ™‚