WATCH: Four Civilians Invade France-Croatia World Cup Finals Match and Twitterverse Reacts

It was just a little past 12 AM at July 16th and I was watching the world cup finals between France and Croatia when suddenly…there were too many men running in the field? And they weren’t wearing football kits?

Until I realized—they were security! Running after some dudes (four, reportedly) who weren’t supposed to be there!

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So naturally the first thing I did after witnessing the historic moment was to open Twitter to 1. look for the clip, and 2, laugh at #PitchInvaders reactions. Successfully I found both, so now I’m sharing them with you!

Here’s the clip of the smart a*sess who threw away their thousand dollar worth of World Cup ticket for a few seconds of fame and a trip to the back room with Russian security for some sermon (good luck guys). Why would you do that when Putin is watching??? Why???


And the best part, the Twitterverse reacting to it:

And lastly,

More pictures of the brave (or foolish, your call) souls, right here:

A great end to a great season of the World Cup. Oh and, congrats France for winning the 2018 FIFA World Cup Tournament!

Cover images from @KickOffMagazine on Twitter

Did you catch the moment too? Share your thoughts in the comments!

UPDATE: Russian feminist punk rock group Pussy Riot has claimed responsibility of the pitch invaders incident at the World Cup finals match. It was an act of protest. Read the statement on their Facebook page, here.

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