WATCH: Filipino-American Teacher Goes Viral for Kid-Friendly Version of Lizzo’s ‘Truth Hurts’

“I just took an ELA test, turns out I’m 100% that smart!” the kids of a second-grade class sang out in a viral video taken at a Northern California Elementary School.

The song was a rewritten kid-friendly version of Lizzo’s chart-topping hit Truth Hurts which Filipino-American teacher, Dorothy Mallari, taught to her class to inspire and empower them to be good students with lyrics that go: “Let’s be great ’cause I know we are great” and “You want to have a good friend that’s committed, help you with your homework just a little.”

Watch the full video below!

The performance of these adorable kids and their talented teacher went viral and even caught the attention of the original singer herself, Lizzo!

“This IS the best thing I’ve watched today,” she said in a tweet.

In an interview, Dorothy said that she chose to remix Truth Hurts because her students liked the song. She also explained that this wasn’t the first time she did something like this for a class and that she has used other songs to motivate her students every year.

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