WATCH: Exploring the Greatest Wonders of Northern Cebu

Article by: Irina Quinatadcan

No one could go wrong when they say there’s no place like home. Every trip has its own tale to tell; each time we visit our hometown, we get to discover more of its people, its beauty and its stories waiting to be told. Travelling to Northern Cebu did not only give us the opportunity to see its greatest wonders, but also gave us the chance to be closer to our roots. Not so known to many, there are lots of enthralling places there waiting to be explored.

Ironic as it is, the place we called home is the one we haven’t yet explored. We often seek far for the things we want most that sometimes, we overlook what lies in front of us. I found what I’m looking for in my hometown. Join me as I show you the uncharted beauty of Northern Cebu:

Irina Quinatadcan is the owner of Wander Rush, a page where she showcases compilations of her travels.

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