WATCH: Ed Sheeran’s First-Ever Live Performance of His New Song ‘Shape of You’

Ed Sheeran recently debuted two new songs from his upcoming album called Divide.

We’ve seen Ed Sheeran’s first live performance of one of his new tracks, “Castle on the Hill”, over at BBC, and now, the Grammy award winning artist is out again to give us the very first live performance of his other new track, “Shape of You” over at Capital FM in the UK.

Shape of You sounds like that trademark Ed Sheeran tune we all love. The rasp in the voice, the quick and playful lyrics, the strumming of the guitar–oh how we’re glad to see him back again! Before the release of these two new songs, Sheeran was on a one-year hiatus, taking a break from the limelight and social media. The singer shared he used this time to travel the world. It was such a long break that the singer admitted to forgetting the lyrics to some of his music, according to his interview on BBC Radio 1. He said he had to spend a whole day just relearning those songs. He joked that next time he goes on vacation, it would be for two weeks, not one year.

But, hey! At least we have him back now, right? Ready to hear Shape of You played live? Watch the performance here:

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