WATCH: During Traffic, Kid Steals from Car’s Open Window Along C5

Another incident motorists should be aware and be careful of. Facebook page Caught On CCTV ( shared a dash cam video taken by Xy-Za Bidaure Dagum which shows a snatching incident along C5 flyover.

C5 is no stranger to scams and notoriety by its roadside residents. So far, the best thing motorists can do when passing here is to make sure your doors are locked, your windows are closed, and your eyes kept watchful of your surroundings.

Watch the unfortunate incident here:

Caught On CCTV wrote:

“Guys alert!!! Please keep your car windows closed and your doors locked whenever you pass by C5 flyover. This dashcam video was captured around 7:30pm today along C5 northbound flyover from 32nd St BGC. We are all aware of the snatching incidents along C5, pero pati C5 flyover meron na din.”

What do you think of this? How do you think these incidents can be stopped?

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