Watch Demi Lovato “Skyscraper” Music Video Here!

We’ve let you heard her music here at When in Manila. Now we’ll let you have a first look at Demi Lovato Skyscraper Music Video! This time, Demi shows more depth and soul on her song as it talks about her personal journey towards self-recovery. I love that Demi chose to show her natural side: no glitz and glamour, no makeup, no fancy set. Everything is natural, you can feel the sincerity towards her expression. And for that, people are loving her even more.



If you’d closely listen to the song, you’d notice that her voice is raw (you’d even hear her quiver a bit in reaching high notes). It feels as if she’s in tears while singing this song. But I think it works! It just goes to show that she’s got flaws too. But it’s not that bad, I actually felt goosebumps while listening to her. I also noticed that she gained weight but it doesn’t really affect the quality of the song and her as a singer nonetheless.


For the first time, I’m beginning to see the real Demi Lovato, not as a Disney star but as an up and coming artist. Feelin’ it too?