WATCH: David Blaine Freaks Out Drake, Steph Curry and Dave Chappelle with Frog Magic Trick

In the video, David Blaine asks Dave Chappelle to ‘draw a small creature that fits in the palm of your hand’.

Dave draws ‘something like a frog’ and David comments that they say frogs are like a plague. Dave agrees and mentions that it rained frogs in Egypt in the Bible. David then proceeds to grab a glass of water, tilts his head up and spews out a tiny frog into the glass of water. Everyone freaks out and Drake is blatantly disgusted as he holds the glass to inspect the frog.

David doesn’t just do this once, either. He does it THRICE, with one frog repeatedly jumping out of the glass – yup, those frogs are real! In his last attempt, he even asks Steph Curry to check inside his mouth to make sure it’s empty before he spews out the last frog. Watch the video here:


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