WATCH: Darren Criss Singing a Funk Cover of ‘Wonderwall’ is all the Good Vibes You Need This Week

We know Darren Criss can sing. He starred in comedy musical TV series Glee alongside Lea Michele, Jane Lynch, etc. where he played Chris Colfer’s romantic partner. He did a great portrayal as Blaine, a gay guy in high school. Fans loved them.

And as if we needed any more reason to love him more, the half Filipino Hollywood actor Darren Criss shows off his performance chops yet again in this super chill, super good-vibed video of him doing a funk cover of Oasis’ Wonderwall. And it’s so good, you might want to put it on loop for the next few days.

Seriously, Darren, is there anything you can’t do? Watch the performance below:

What do you think of this cover? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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