WATCH: Cute 5-Year Old Pinoy Kid Surfs and Skateboards Like a Pro

Meet Kai Kai Alcala, a 5-year old Pinoy who surfs and skateboards like a pro.

According to a post from TheInertia.com, Kai Kai “learned to surf before he could swim, and spends most of his free time either on a surfboard or on a skateboard.”

It is also said that surfing is in his blood, since his mom has been the Philippine National Surfing Champion five times, and her mom’s brother is the 3-time Cloud 9 International Masters Champion.

Check out the short video below showing Kai Kai’s mad surfing and skateboarding skills. Try to keep track how many times he mentioned the name of his surfer idol, John John Florence.

Isn’t he the cutest surfer and skateboarder in the world?

What do you think?