WATCH: Chesca Wearing Doug’s Jersey Is So Cute That’s Why He ‘Had to Marry Her’

Team Kramer is one of the cutest ‘teams’ around.

Celebrity couple Doug and Chesca Kramer are the team’s captains.

Recently, the team revealed the reason why Doug “had to marry her” (his words, not ours. LOL).

The reason can be found in what appears to be a throwback video where Chesca wears Doug’s basketball jersey while showing off her moves. The basketball jersey is so huge on Chesca but still, she manages to stay cute.

Watch Chesca show off her moves on the video below.

Team Kramer includes their three children Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin. On Facebook, Team Kramer has over 8.5 million followers. Like their page, if you want to stay updated with their travels, crazy antics, and just about anything that’s going on with the team.

Do you agree with Doug? Is this video reason enough to marry Chesca and make her co-captain of #TeamKramer?