WATCH: Channing Tatum Stars in Pink’s Music Video of “Beautiful Trauma”

We all know Pink as an amazing singer and her latest single “Beautiful Trauma” proves it. The singer just released its music video and it’s starring the actor Channing Tatum!

Watch the music video of “Beautiful Trauma” below:

Pink and Tatum star as Ginger and Fred Hart, a couple living together in ’50s Americana. They seem to be an ideal couple until we see that they sleep in separate beds, Ginger has a pill-popping problem, and Fred has alcohol during breakfast. The mood shifts again when we see the couple engaging inĀ Ā bondage,Ā discipline,Ā dominance and submission, and sadomasochism (BDSM).

“Beautiful Trauma” is part of Pink’s seventh album Beautiful Trauma, which includes other singles like “What About Us” and “Revenge.” The album has good reviews, with AllmusicĀ saying that it is “undergirded with genuine feeling that Pink conveys with her measured performances.”

The song “Beautiful Trauma” was also received well, with BillboardĀ describing it as “elegant and bloody, shimmering and grungyā€¦ it’s life-affirming without being pandering.”

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