WATCH: Cebu is Perfect for Both Nature and Adventure Lovers

The Philippines is indeed filled with beautiful scenery and fun memories, no matter where you go. Renz David shared his own trip with us recently, in which he was able to come home to the Philippines for a vacation after spending eight months working in Dubai. After working there and saving some money, he surprised his cousin with a trip to Cebu. “I booked this without them knowing,” he shares. “I just told them to pack their things and the next thing they knew, they were on a plane heading to the astounding place of Cebu.”

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Although Renz didn’t have any plans before heading to Cebu, his video proves that they didn’t run out of things to do when they got there. In fact, he says that it was the best unplanned trip ever because they got to meet new people, do a lot of extraordinary things for the first time, and get to see how beautiful the place is firsthand.

Some of the activities they enjoyed include canyoneering, zip lining, camping, and the nerve-racking Sky Experience in Crown Regency. “The people in Cebu are as beautiful as the place is, too,” Renz adds. “They are very accommodating and always have contagious smiles on their faces!” Watch their video here:


Renz shares that they spent around Php8,000 in total, including their airfare, accommodation, food and activities. “If you are a nature and adventure lover, then you must really give Cebu a go,” he recommends. “I could say this is the best trip me and my bros have had so far!”

He also reminds everyone that no matter where you go, it’s still the people who you’re with that matters most. The destination only comes second to the good company you’re with along the way. Because no matter where you go, it’ll always be the best journey as long as you are with your best people. So true! “Our trip just became even more extraordinary because that very enchanting and worth-the-travel place is in our very own lovely country, the Philippines,” he says loud and proud!

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