WATCH: Behind the Scenes of “Train to Busan”

Have you seen the Korean Zombie film “Train to Busan” yet? If you haven’t, you’re missing out! I saw it on its first weekend showing, and I can assure you that all the rave you hear from people are not exaggerated. Train to Busan is AWESOME. There’s drama, there’s comedy, there is a LOT of action, and, because it’s a Koren film, you bet there is a lot of heart. (But not in a cheesy way, I promise!)

TRAILER: Korean Zombie Thriller “Train to Busan” Looks Promising

Check out these behind the scene footage of the film if you’re not fully convinced yet. Don’t worry, it doesn’t spoil much!

Have you seen Train to Busan yet? Tell us what you think of the film!