WATCH: Beautiful Short Film About the Mountains Calls Upon the Protection of the Wilderness

Overcivilized. That is the term used to describe today’s generation of humanity in this moving short film about the wilderness. A term that seems so apt in defining a present culture driven by progress focused on money and power, less and less concerned about the detrimental damage such selfish priorities are causing to the real source of all lifenature.

“Wilderness is not a luxury. But a necessity of the human spirit,” the film’s opening line goes. And in the Philippines, it seems people are awakening and coming to this realization as more and more Filipinos are heeding the call of the mountains. The past years have seen a surge of people seeking higher ground on their weekends off work, whether for peace, for nature, or simply for the adventure.

But these aren’t enough. Now that we are spending more time in the wilderness, it has become our responsibility too to protect it and look after its sustainability. Watch the stunning video below, created by Pete McBride and Vital Films:

“The idea of wilderness needs no defense. It only needs more defenders.”


How do you think we can move forward to protect our country’s beautiful natural resources? We’d love to hear what you think.