WATCH: Bad Lip Reading of Trump’s Inauguration is Funny AF

You know what they say, there’s always something good even on a bad day.

Though majority of the world (and not just Americans, tbh) mourned on the day Donald Trump was elected as the 45th President of the United States of America, at least there were some people who managed to make light of the event.

The people behind Bad Lip Reading, a popular internet page notorious for its absurd “lip reading” on different scenarios, films, and events, made the recent inauguration its latest viral video subject. Without missing a beat, the lip readings on Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and even Mike Pence seem so accurate that we can only wish they were true.

If you want to hear Clinton say “hadouken, hadouken to your face,” watch the hilarious exchange of the inauguration’s bad lip reading here:

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