WATCH: Backstreet Boys’ Attempt to Sing ‘Despacito’ on Karaoke is a Hilarious Fail

Backstreet Boys recently stopped by iHeart Radio to talk a bit about their work, their Vegas residency, and life in between the endless interviews. “Does it ever get old?” Host Enrique Santos ask them. The boys were quick to answer no, with AJ adding that it’s when the interviews stop that they should be worried. Which is the perfect response, tbh.

The band, who got their start as perhaps the biggest boy band to come out of the 90s, is currently holding a Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood. And word is, they just got extended. Wow.

But can they sing Despacito? They were asked. They’ve been practicing, they say, but they were challenged to sing Justin Bieber’s Spanish hit on the spot anyway. Watch the video below.

(Jump to the 2:50 mark if you don’t want to hear the interview)

Hey, at least they didn’t just replace the lyrics with a bunch of racial stereotypes like some other famous dude out there

We still love you, boys. BSB forevs.

How about you? Can you sing Despacito without fail? Tell us in the comments!